About LCI

Loss Control Innovations (LCI) provides loss control and safety solutions that include support and supplemental services for existing client safety managers and loss control programs. LCI offers the flexibility needed to customize and provide solutions based on individual facility, jobsite and/or company needs within the organization while ensuring you receive the breadth and depth of our experience and expertise.

As a solutions provider, LCI assists clients in building and enhancing safety and loss control programs. This works toward creating and maintaining self-sufficiency within organizations while addressing property claims and employee injuries and reducing the direct and indirect costs associated with insurance claims.

Loss Control Innovations was established in 2001 as a division of MC Innovations (MCI). MC Innovations was formed in 1996 to provide “Total Program Management” services as well as consulting services for the assessment, design and implementation of integrated workers’ compensation, medical management and loss control programs to self-insured organizations.

LCI is a loss control consulting firm that provides the following types of services:

1. Assessment and Benchmarking of loss control and safety programs

2. Development and implementation of supervisor and employee training programs designed to address specific safety hazards and exposures, loss control strategies and techniques, and various regulations and standards

3. ANSI Z10 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Standard assessments and program implementation

4. Creation of long term loss control plans and activities to promote optimal loss control strategies and results.

5. Provide ongoing management consulting to assure recommended programs operate to meet the needs of the client or adapt to changes in the organization.

LCI currently provides a variety of loss control consulting and safety training services for a diverse group of private and public sector clients nationwide.

An effective loss control initiative includes a blend of proven loss control and safety practices that create a true loss control system.

The blend of an initial claims and loss control program assessment, recommendations to strengthen weak program areas, ongoing safety consultation, loss control training, and supervisor coaching leads to an effective overall program that reduces total costs. Loss control training for employees and supervisory staff is a necessary component of any effective loss control program. However, training by itself is not an effective way to reduce claims and control insurance costs over time. LCI believes that organizations with complete loss control programs benefit the most from more efficient operations, less employee disability time, reduced property damage and business interruption and a safer work environment.

for those entities that embrace a total program approach to employee safety.